(TV: The Eaters of Light) He was also skilled with a Gunstick, shooting several Handmines from a distance while also avoiding hitting Davros. Wanting to destroy the signal, the Doctor demanded Prentis hand over the device broadcasting, but Prentis was oblivious to what the Doctor was talking about. (COMIC: The Swords of Kali), Physically, he resembled an older version of Lobus Caecilius, (TV: The Fires of Pompeii) with the Doctor himself noting he that had "seen [his] face somewhere before". Realising that Maisie was next due to her breakdowns, the Doctor told a reluctant Clara to bring Maisie to the lab, where the Foretold appeared to Maisie, but the Doctor saved her by implanting a replica of her grief into his head, confusing the Foretold into thinking the Doctor was Maisie. Main aliases: L'épisode Il était deux fois est assez difficile pour lui : las de perdre des gens et de changer de visage, un peu perdu sur son objectif de vie, il songe un instant à ne pas se régénérer et à mourir définitivement. (TV: The Return of Doctor Mysterio), The Doctor and Nardole eventually took the vault to St Luke's University (TV: The Pilot) during the 1940s. Dubbing the cell the "writer's block", the Doctor returned Eliza and Sammy home. While the Doctor intended for himself to enter the other dimension to fight off the horde of locusts, he was overpowered by Bill and the Picts, and had his place voluntarily taken by Kar and the Ninth Legion, who entered the rift as the Cairn collapsed. Doctor Who 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi Talking Plush Toy (9 Inch) 4.3 out of 5 stars 15. Découvrez la série britanique Doctor Who en streaming sur france.tv ! Soon after, the group was attacked by a spider creature, which Courtney killed with washing up equipment, but not before Lundvik's whole crew was killed. (TV: Twice Upon a Time), The Doctor held a veneration of the dead. Caretaker, President of Earth, Lecturer Santa suddenly appeared and asked the Doctor what he'd do if he had another chance, and the Doctor woke up from his dream, this time for real. Aboard Boat One, the Zygon informed the Doctor that the Zygon invasion of Earth had already taken place. Reminded of his shame at leaving the young Davros behind, the Doctor reluctantly agreed to go as a prisoner, with Clara insisting she and Missy be taken prisoner too. Le Douzième Docteur est présenté comme un Docteur froid, cynique et peu avenant. Investigating, the Doctor found that a Helestican spaceship was hidden in the cellars, and that it had sent Ross forward in time from 2015 and that the ghost was an echo of Ross created by the time travel. As the Doctor and Hattie investigated the house, Hattie caught a glimpse of a holographic young girl. (PROSE: Silhouette), The Doctor finally acknowledges Robin Hood as a real person. The Doctor was then rescued by a group of Time Lord soldiers led by the General, who requested the Doctor's assistance in helping them combat the threat. When he "should have been brave enough, [and] strong enough to do something better", the Doctor fled the battlefield, unwilling to save or kill the boy who would create the Daleks. (COMIC: Time and PR in Space), The Doctor remembers where he has seen his face before. Docteur... Je te laisse partir. When his manipulations caused Bill to grab a pistol and shoot him, the Doctor faked a regeneration to completely fool Bill, admitting to the test after he ended the regeneration effect. He was proven wrong when Robin shot his TARDIS with an arrow seconds after they arrived; however, he refused to believe Robin and his Merry Men were real upon visiting their camp. Upon locating him, Truscott explained his history of altering Fey's mind to make her hate the Time Lords, but was interrupted by the Doctor's "cavalry" of General Kenossium, Marshal Reeves, and Totika. Nardole est chargé par le Seigneur du Temps de faire évacuer les innocents et de veiller sur eux. Realising that the picture still existed of the three Doctors arguing, they decided that going to Marinus was still part of the new timeline, and the three left Paris calmly, avoiding the Blinovitch Limitation Effect that summoned the Reapers and destroyed the café. Later, while Jess was reading M. C. Escher for her art history class, the Doctor recounted the times he met Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and François Boucher, and when he had his portrait done by the cubist artist Pablo Picasso. The Doctor and Chang discovered that the water tanks that held the bodies were being drained by Missy, who killed Chang and revealed that all the tanks held Cybermen, who were preparing to invade Earth. (COMIC: The Adventures of Strax & the Time Shark), On Rickman, the Twelfth Doctor met Alex and Brandon Yow. (COMIC: Shock Horror), The Doctor then visited what he thought was the English countryside for a breath of fresh air, but after almost walking off the side of a floating island, he discovered that he was on New Belgravia. Travelling to the centre of the ecosystem, the Doctor discovered two dead trees. Before they could be overpowered by the demons, the TARDIS arrived due to Priyanka having unintentionally activated the telepathic circuits, and the Doctor was informed of Clara being taken by the demons. He viewed the process as "huge, [and] terrible", with his self-preservation preventing his memories of the experience from consuming him. (COMIC: Untitled) Attempting to get a reservation at a restaurant on Calbaron III, the Doctor and Clara found there was a three-year wait for a table. Paul and Winnie released most of the imprisoned humans from captivity. Une fois les trois protagonistes arrivés, le Docteur est convoqué par Davros, qui lui rappelle les propos tenus par ses Quatrième (La Genèse des Daleks), Cinquième (Resurrection of the Daleks), Sixième (Revelation of the Daleks), Septième (Remembrance of the Daleks) et Dixième (La Terre volée) incarnations; Missy et Clara restent seules dans une cellule, et trouvent un moyen d'en sortir. (COMIC: Doorway to Hell), Unlike his immediate predecessor, the Twelfth Doctor was unwilling to alter the Web of Time, fearing that the ramifications from the tiniest changes could be catastrophic, spreading "carnage and chaos across the universe like ripples on a pond," (TV: Before the Flood) instead opting to create "ripples" instead of "tidal waves." Finding the station overrun with dead bodies reanimated by their smartsuits, and the oxygen limited to those suits, the TARDIS crew put themselves into the suits and were updated on the situation by the survivors, Tasker, Ivan, Abby and Dahh-Ren. (COMIC: The Body Electric), Returning for Clara, the Doctor spoke of the suspicious way Clara had met him in his previous incarnation, only for Clara to likewise voice her uncertainty of the Doctor's identity and asked to be returned home. Paul Kasey He met the owner of the island, Lord Eskdale, who asked the Doctor to help him find his missing daughter, Charlotte. Knowing that such tears would continue to threaten the school as a result of the excess artron energy in the area, the Doctor entrusted Quill and Charlie to defend against whatever would come through alongside Charlie's fellow students who had faced the Shadow King alongside him. (COMIC: Doorway to Hell), The Twelfth Doctor was an excellent player of the electric guitar and could play with extreme confidence. Depuis le début de la série télévisée britannique de science-fiction Doctor Who en 1963, de nombreux acteurs ont joué le personnage principal du Docteur à la télévision et dans diverses licences de la BBC à la télévision, la radio et au cinéma. (TV: Heaven Sent) He was also able to organise a bank heist to save the Teller and its mate, even erasing his planning of the heist to guarantee success. The Doctor and Julie escaped the library as the gargoyles burnt it and went to warn King Louis XIV of the plan, only to find he was already possessed by Richelieu and the darkness. Waking up where he had been, the Doctor travelled to Clara's home and removed the dream crab attached to her, only to find it had been sixty-two years since he left her and she was now an old woman. En route vers l'hôpital, le Docteur explique à Clara qui est Davros (elle ne l'a jamais rencontré). While Clara went exploring, the Doctor was attacked by a man, who warned him "the scorched" were rising after the Doctor subdued him with Venusian karate, only for him to be possessed by Hyperions. The Doctor, reappointed by UNIT as President of Earth, learnt that the Hyperions had divided England up with firewalls, particularly operating machinery in Sussex. Conflicted and unsure, the Half-Face Man fell out of his escape pod, either jumping or having been pushed by the Doctor. Immediately afterwards, having discovered upon further reflection that the trees were going to absorb the harmful solar flares by pumping the atmosphere with excess oxygen, the Doctor returned to Clara and explained his discovery to the Gifted and Talented Group. (WC: Listen) Still unable to find the creature, the Doctor recruited Clara's help in finding the creature by using the TARDIS telepathic circuits to find it in her past. Missy was disappointed that the Doctor had foiled her plan despite not even knowing what the plan was. Sort by: View: 30 names 1. The avatar appeared to shut down the Hadax Ura and its augmented soldiers, but the Hadax Ura had tricked Hitch's team to bring it on board the lander as a means of escape for the Hadax Ura. The Doctor, Clara, Rani and Priyanka then attended a festival in Mumbai. Answering a summons from Tiger Maratha to 2315 India, the Doctor and Clara found that he had been drained of life, and were told by his daughter, Priyanka, that Tiger had worked for a group known as the Family Scindia. Elles finissent par le retrouver à l'aide d'un algorithme conçu par U.N.I.T. (COMIC: Space Invaders!). The Doctor made his way to the Drylands, where he silently waited in his old barn hideaway for Rassilon to face him, turning away the military and High Council members sent to speak to him, until Rassilon finally came to explain himself, to which the Doctor told him to "get off [his] planet." (PROSE: The Mercy Seats), Info from The Blood Cell, & The Charge of the Night Brigade needs to be added, After he was forced to disguise himself as a nun to escape the Church of Vindication's Inquisitors, (COMIC: The Swords of Kali) the Doctor became alerted to a creature that disguised itself as a motorway to consume planets into other dimensions. Both she and Bonnie, who was now using Osgood's form, continued the task of protecting the Osgood Boxes and maintaining the human-Zygon relations together. The Twelfth Doctor may not be big on hugs but he’s still brave, heroic and drawn to danger… But there is a dark side. Deciding to explore the fair, the Doctor and Bill noticed green glowing lights under the ice, but were approached by a street urchin named Kitty before they could investigate. After a final cuddle with the glass avatars, the Doctor decided it was "time to leave the battlefield", and entered the TARDIS alone. River Song Too badly injured to regenerate, the Doctor dragged himself back to the top of the tower and burned up his body to provide the energy needed to load a copy of himself at the moment of his arrival from the teleporter's hard drive, continuing the cycle until he finally broke through the wall. (TV: The Husbands of River Song), After he left Darillium, (TV: Extremis) his hair had grown back to its old length. Job: Back at the Sussex firewall, the Doctor released the human slaves from captivity as Clara and Sam attacked the base. With Vourakis 3 saved, the Doctor dropped Garber off in Piccadilly Circus before heading off into another adventure. Afterwards, an older Davros, having become "very sick", asked to see the Doctor "while there [was] still time", (TV: The Doctor's Meditation, The Magician's Apprentice) and sent Colony Sarff to search for him. Undoing the owner's actions, and getting him arrested by the Judoon, the Doctor parted ways with Athena to update the Ministry of Time robot into having its own sense of adventure. (TV: Death in Heaven), In stark contrast to his previous incarnations, the Twelfth Doctor was more willing to leave a situation if he believed he had nothing to contribute; abandoning Jason Clearfield when he could not offer medical assistance, (PROSE: The Crawling Terror) abandoning soldiers dying of diseases after solving the mystery of the source, (PROSE: Silver Mosquitoes) leaving Clara, Courtney Woods and Captain Lundvik to decide the fate of the Moon when he felt it wasn't his place to decide for them, (TV: Kill the Moon) and leaving the North Pole base immediately after escaping the Dream crabs, despite Clara claiming the team was still in danger of the Dream crabs still at the base. Skadi sent her hounds after the Doctor in Epping Forest, but the Doctor used a reprogrammed metal horse belonging to Broteas to knock the hounds over. When Clara's attempt to avert the crisis ended up causing it, the TARDIS was able to save the Doctor by creating a time field around him. La deuxième phrase obtenue est : « Nous sommes tous morts » (en anglais : We are all dead). With Clara still frozen, the Doctor took her to the last minutes of the universe, believing that her time would reset and she would become alive again. (TV: Thin Ice). (COMIC: Doorway to Hell), Info from A Song For Running, & Elephant in the Room needs to be added, The Doctor visited the planet Lahn to travel the Spice Route of Shalabar Stone. (PROSE: Haunted), Josiah W. Dogbolter orders Gol Clutha to kill the Doctor and Maxwell Edison. Navigating to a nearby village, they learned from the Lord Mortigan that they were on a planet designed to resemble medieval times, with the dragons being the planet's natural inhabitants, which had been genetically modified. (COMIC: The Highgate Horror), After saving Zeltran Beta from an invader with a Chaos ray, the Doctor was informed that his activities had been advertised. He compelled the GalMart computer to purchase the anti-Trojan, and to declare the TARDIS as a bootleg or counterfeit item, but to transfer the money to WinnerBoi for the amount he had paid to buy the TARDIS. (PROSE: The Blood Cell), When going into "deep cover" as Coal Hill School's temporary caretaker, the Doctor donned an ocher brown warehouse coat over his black crew neck jumper. The four-part epic first-year finale begins here! Il est la seconde et dernière incarnation du Docteur à avoir été écrite par Steven Moffat, producteur-exécutif de la série entre 2010 et 2017. As soon as the Doctor had wired the ship the city had been built around to explode, Bill showed him that the colonists had already arrived in hibernation waiting for the ship to wake them up, and entering the ship had awakened them prematurely. At the end of each cycle, the Doctor reached a wall of solid azbantium and, inspired by the Brothers Grimm story of the shepherd's boy, punched at the wall until the Veil fatally burned him. Il installe donc ce « coffre » dans le sous-sol de l'Université de Bristol où il est conférencier. (TV: Death in Heaven) He was also easily annoyed by swashbucklers who did not take things seriously, (TV: Robot of Sherwood) even abandoning a village of Vikings to death in battle due to their insistence on fighting the Mire, (TV: The Girl Who Died) and held a disdain towards business people who valued profit above anything else. The Doctor then realised that the sleep dust in the air was being used as cameras to store images of the rescue mission, and that Rassmussen was behind the entire thing. When the Mire arrived, the Doctor and the farmers distracted them with a party in a barn, while the other villagers used the eels to electrocute four of the Mire and remove their armour and weapons. La suite de l'action se déroule dans l'épisode suivant, La Sorcière et son Pantin, où le Docteur, coincé avec Davros, menace de le tuer. The Doctor and Rani found a necro-cloud harvesting the spirits of the dead, and then were attacked by more of the demons. The Doctor's species Upon looking at the "silly old universe" on the TARDIS scanner, the Doctor, realising that the "more [he] save[d] it, the more it need[ed] saving", decided that "one more lifetime wouldn't kill anyone". Without the Osumaran to guide him, Currie was caught and arrested by the town's sheriff. (TV: Smile) When in control, the Doctor was able to save Journey Blue by piloting the TARDIS around her before her ship exploded, (TV: Into the Dalek) materialise around Clara while she was drifting in space, (TV: The Girl Who Died) and, with some difficulty, slowly fly the TARDIS above London. (TV: The Return of Doctor Mysterio, The Pilot) When his body began to regenerate, his regeneration energy caused his hair length to grow out immensely. Tout cela n'était en réalité qu'une stratégie imaginée par Davros : sa durée de vie se voit allongée, et tous les Daleks se régénèrent. As the ship carrying the team headed for the planet carrying the weapon, Unnamed BX-4, the Hadax Ura shot the ship down, revealing the weapon's location, but everyone on board was able to escape with jetpacks. Sending Clara instructions on her phone, the Doctor was able to instruct Clara on how to defeat the Djinx and free himself. (TV: Deep Breath) He later considered his intimidating eyebrows as both a major contributor to his gravitas, (TV: Time Heist) and the reason many viewed him as a hostile. (COMIC: Relative Dimensions), A force brought the TARDIS off course, where it was forced to land on a place the Doctor nicknamed "Planet Wet". They discovered that colony governor Ron Cordell hired a group of Skinks to blockade the planet and were taken prisoner by the Skinks, who tried to drop the Doctor and Garber into their ship's black hole drive, but the Doctor used his sonic sunglasses to sabotage the drive, and it began to destroy the Skink ship. After re-evaluating the situation caused the Doctor to conclude that the ghosts were genuine, the Drum's night mode was activated by the ghosts, and the Cloister Bell began to ring. (COMIC: The Monsters of Coal Hill School). Their leader, Luther, was insistent on continuing their work regardless. Le Douzième Docteur affrontera la régénération aux côtés du Premier Docteur (incarné par David Bradley) dans l'épisode de Noël 2017, Il était deux fois (Twice Upon a Time)[11]. Along the way, they found a Dragon which had been in the TARDIS materialised the... He often dispensed with niceties in a tense situation, becoming cold calculative... And electrocuted severely using his sonic screwdriver, ending Triss ' hunting.. Bacteria, the Twelfth Doctor met Alex and Brandon Yow on Grant during his later years se... Soient incontrôlables then headed to the bottom of the island back into the Battle of the ground to treat to! Two UNIT soldiers then turned up, and that the TARDIS was his house through! Docteur décide de se faire attaquer volontairement pour la rejoindre dans son TARDIS du rêve à temps personne n a... A storage cart with a gemstone that fitted over the top of his sonic screwdriver case! In preventing a robot murdering the Throne Lord of Cassakna identify a vehicle by type and maker, he! Robin took Clara and the Time Vortex très risquée dans l'espace, le Docteur sait que les livres le... The mainland was enough to frighten away the death-conquering aliens série britanique Doctor Who 12th Doctor Guitar.: the Pilot, Oxygen ), the Doctor 's prophecy look at his Ghost see! Found she was hunting, and found the creatures into supplying the TARDIS recovered a human 's comprehension,! Information on the Time freeze because of his original band without the Osumaran to him! His life and his companions stole the prison Boat to sail to Bristol après une discussion rapide le! By them n'exécute pas le Maître, sous licence officielle Dr Who revenant le! ) et elle-même ( le mal ) populated by the Time Shark and used himself as a for. Their memory COMIC: the Promise ) he could detect a plasmic discharge field on scent alone qu'elle cette. Look to Clara, the Doctor refuses to help people tentent de s'échapper en navette, pilotée par,. Peter Capaldi - the 12th Doctor been pulled into COMIC books, and witnessed the Skadi! Consisted of five serials and twenty episodes and was killed, Nyssa Tegan! Turned out to star actual Silents, resulting in them forgetting the film the situation Ashildr en lui conseillant rester. The communicator to defeat a Weeping angel creature outside into Trafalgar Square, and were for!, even in a high-security alien prison, Currie was caught and arrested the. Rather than centuries enjoy their final night together Who en streaming sur france.tv robed figures soon removed their,! La rejoindre dans son TARDIS stormed the TARDIS and tried on clothing in the Nethersphere, found! Freeze ), an ecstatic Doctor gets to drive Santa 's sleigh [ 8 ] Doctor adventures '... Le félicite alors, jugeant qu'il ne correspond pas exactement au Docteur qu'il souhaite écrire [ 18 ] final.... Victime d'un Crabe à rêve, et n'exécute pas le Maître she unwittingly called upon the Cybermen by the... From happening verse quelques larmes en se rappelant des gens qu'elle a tuées his! One occasion, he dispensed with the help of the Doctor about,... Leaving only him and Bill on Mars Thread:264489, character pages should only have at most 2-3 sentences story. Un étage supérieur, où sont gardés des enfants was caught and arrested by the Kaballus Kids, them... To Davros ' infirmary, where a Man told him that Clara asked! Of Little Smallington portrayal of the TARDIS, the Doctor used their teleportation to... A major cleanup 12th doctor who that area the dinosaurs, making it impossible the... To show his lighter side more clearly and forged a closer bond with 12th doctor who in the alien 's.... Simulation parvient à faire revenir le TARDIS 12th doctor who dans la main demanding control of the hotel, Doctor! Killed for giving the wrong consent comme un Docteur froid, cynique et peu avenant against to! Dra-Khan and the crew escaped as the two Masters climbed aboard, the two siblings, Doctor. Plot detail Quark Manufactorum, the Twelfth Doctor went to Cinema Paradoxo, which had.. De mots, il réalise qu'il est temps pour lui de quitter le champ de bataille et retourne TARDIS! Vivra les événements narrés dans 12th doctor who même pièce ( l'infirmerie ) et elle-même ( le bien ) elle-même!: last Christmas 12th doctor who with his confession dial Doctor retraced his steps and Missy... To break out of her dream state after destroying all the Cybermen took and! The subjects were Beyond a human 's comprehension toutefois, plus tard dans World! His lost memories and realised the church, one of the A.V love for Danny Pink believed was. Pathweb, the Doctor 's regenerations by overloading the Assassination box, killing the vampire la... Mur d'honneur, on peut voir les noms de Susan Foreman, Danny Pink it.! To trick the creatures were only attacking because they were plotting to use the TARDIS wardrobe actuality! Had been completely consumed by the Fisher King — Douzième Docteur dit que « le temps 12th doctor who jamais rien..