In my experience, they’re usually software, forums, or private online groups. For this 2020 Gumroad review, I’ve tested all of Gumroad’s features and will be comparing them to other cart competitors. Surprisingly, these two options are advanced features that I was not expecting to see since they seem to like keeping things simple. Their professional account users pay $10/month, which doesn’t seem to be enough to support employees operating live chat, phone support, or managing a Facebook group. Since the company launch and word of mouth marketing thousands of bloggers, authors, and expert creators have been using Gumroad to host and sell their products. The following sites are Gumroad alternatives you can use to sell your services and grow your business. If you have a Gumroad premium account the fees would be 13.5% + $0.30 per sale made through Discover. For these transactions, Gumroad will charge 1% and PayPal will charge its own fees, most often 2.9% + 30¢). My work consists of working on affiliate marketing niche websites and helping local businesses increase their revenue through digital marketing. Here is the important part of the conversation: 38% of the Total Marketplace Volume on Gumroad goes through PayPal, so needless to say I was a little freaked out. Note that the overlay function does not work the same for mobile devices. Whether your business has a digital or physical product to sell, you can create a subscription that pays you recurring sales. How do I get a refund? Although Gumroad doesn’t have trial capabilities, they do have a license key option. If you're just starting out, Gumroad's free plan is cheaper than Podia's $39/mo Mover plan. you realize a cart solution doesn’t have the feature you thought it had). Forms of Payment I found gumroad is the best and easy way to collect people to support the "Buy Me Coffee" way. That’s quite a lot compared to other e-commerce platforms with free plans… The cheapest plan is the Starter Plan for monthly revenue up to $10,000. Just an FYI, once you click on Digital Product or Physical Product (see image below), you’ll be able to choose your payment type. Use our heavily optimized purchase experience. After this Gumroad review, you’ll know the pros and cons of the Gumroad shopping cart and ultimately if it’s the right one for you. Furthermore, this change has helped us re-imagine how we handle the entire payout cycle, and we are exploring options like allowing creators to hook up their own Stripe account with a similar fee structure. When it comes to pricing, there are 3 plans available. Freedom Bound Business. These are just some of our top creators . Unfortunately, unless it was a fraudulent charge, we aren't able to refund you for a purchase—at least not right away. It must be integrated from the respective autoresponder dashboard. Your Gumroad user experience will remain entirely unchanged. A Premium account, which starts at $10 a month, shrinks Gumroad’s cut to 3.5% + $.30 per sale. When you register for an account, you will be able to create a link for what you are selling, and then use this link on social media or send it directly to your clients. About Gumroad. Continue offering your customers multiple payment options. To add to its uniqueness, it’s the only shopping cart that offers a free plan. To sell your product on Gumroad, you first need to create an account. My specialties are SEO and PPC advertising. A shopping cart is a crucial part of selling online products. Our friendly customer support team is available 24/7. You can not offer "free trials" on subscriptions. Depending on your audience, this may have a material negative effect on your conversion rates. To be honest, one thing that I would like to highlight in this Gumroad Review 2021 is the fact that it is one of the cheapest payment processing solutions out there.. Free Plan Hover to learn more about them and what they're offering. Just last week 9,446 creators from 135 different countries got paid $2,665,300. You've already flagged this Reply from Gumroad. He also pointed out that it is interesting that fintech is hot in Nigeria and across the continent. However, with Gumroad's 5% transaction fee, their plan will get more expensive as soon as … The paid account isn’t necessary when you’re starting out. It’s called”SAM Cart”. We're not thrilled about this change (it was forced on us and we've had relatively little time to adapt and respond), but we've done everything we can to make the change minimally impactful for you. Gumroad payment integration . January 7, 2021 by samir. Its free plan takes a 5% commission from all sales while the paid version of Gumroad takes 3.5%. Its free plan takes a 5% commission from all sales while the paid version of Gumroad takes 3.5%. Gumroad is completely free to start, and they will only take off money when you make a sale. Each of these cart software have pros and cons depending on your business needs. Gumroad does not have the following payment processing options: Let’s now focus on the types of payments you can create with Gumroad. We will continue to improve the checkout experience to help you make more money. Happy to clarify! Support is limited to email and documentation which is decent, but could improve. It’s a pain! Nothing changes about your Gumroad experience, but your customers will no longer be able to pay via PayPal, which may lead to a decline in your conversion rates. High-earning creators may be able to negotiate their own bulk payment processing discount directly with PayPal. Supports subscriptions and payment plans; Ability to generate license keys for selling software products; Clean and customizable checkout pages; Can use Gumroad’s embeddable checkout button on your site; Can easily create discounts and coupons; Basic but workable affiliate center built-in; Membership, video hosting and gated content built-in A couple of days ago, I was minding my own business, working on creating educational resources for Gumroad creators, when Sahil told me that going forward, if a creator wanted to offer PayPal as a payment option, they would have to connect their own account and those payments would exist outside of Gumroad's purview. The following payment options are possible with Gumroad: *Note: usually carts have you integrate with Stripe to accept major credit cards, but Gumroad is its own payment gateway so that makes your set up process easy! | All Rights Reserved. There’s no live chat or phone support or even a Facebook group for that matter. Meaning, it can protect your paid content in their backend. This might leave you scratching your head and having to resort to their email support – the only form of human support available. Usually, trials go hand in hand with subscription products, but unfortunately, Gumroad doesn’t have trials on its platform. It has managed to still be around since 2011 because it provides the features and ease-of-use that online marketers need to get started in the world of selling online products. We’ve purchased and written review articles for most of the following software. No additional transaction charges above your payment gateway charge (usually 2.9% + $0.30) Another thing that can boost sales is having affiliates promote your product(s). It’s a cart platform with decent features and takes a percentage from each transaction, making it suitable for beginners. Subscriptions and payment plans are possible, but trials are not. Pricing Plans. Copyright 2021. I am directly affected by these changes, just like you, and we're on the same side. If you plan to use Gumroad to power subscription for a physical good, such as a magazine or a box of supplies, simply skip the file attachment step and use updates to remind your subscribers that something fun will be arriving in their mailbox soon. Connecting PayPal directly to your Gumroad account, Upcoming Workshop - Five Ways To Increase Your Social Media Engagement, Join the Build Your Audience Challenge in February, Turn Off Trackers: Enhance your Customers' Privacy, Creator Spotlight: Noelle's Stevenson's Creative Journey, Money is paid out instantly into your PayPal account, so you get the revenues from some of the sales sooner. If you do not wish to connect one, you do not have to. If you’re using something else like GetResponse, well you can still integrate things, but you’ll have to use Zapier which we’ll get to soon. Setting up physical products on Gumroad is easy too though). Apple Pay offers a compelling alternative to PayPal for millions of users and should boost conversion rates site-wide.