Zac also shows Cam that he can indeed move water, proving to Cam that something indeed happened to him at Mako. Lyla (friend) Zac and Ondina are screaming Mimmi's name. Zac becomes the mermaid's enemy and he manages to get the trident. The next morning, Zac awakens on the beach of Mako, with only the memory that he discovered a cave entrance. Her desire for a family was so strong that upon learning that she has a brother in Zac, Mimmi openly defied her leader Verida to protect him at the cost of her place in the pod. He can start it up and turn it off. Despite being in the moon pool during a full moon, Zac didn´t lose his powers. As young members of the pod, it is their job to protect the Moon Pool, and guard it from trespassers. Zac later catches up to her and explains that Weilan was merely teaching him eastern spells he could not wait to try out. He has short brown hair, darker skin considering his actor's Thai descent, and brown eyes. Enraged by this, Zac proceeds to attack them and Evie is unable to convince him to stop until Mimmi arrives and rebukes him for taking the things he has for granted such as his parents while she has had no family until now. Inhaltsangabe zu der Episode Mako Mermaids 1x23: «Zac's Choice» Zac führt Lyla unabsichtlich zu dem Dreizack. Once her body was completely dry, she turned back into human along with the outfit she was wearing before she transformed. But as Cam is talking some sence into Zac, he's blown away by Mimmi and Ondina's powers, giving Zac the oppertunity to go to Mako, to the great concern of Sirena and Evie. Nerissa promises to never ever leave Zac and Mimmi alone again. Ondina and Mimmi disrupted this by using their powers to throw Cam aside so Zac will stop arguing with him and give in to Mako's pull. They are very close. Lyla and Sirena's moonrings are empty and Nixie´s moonring isn´t holding for long. Evie is the only person he does not want to discover his merman side out of fear to lose her. They believe if they zap Zac with their powers, his own powers and his tail will disappear for good. When Zac then decides he wants nothing to do with the group, Evie is no exception at first, though she is understanding of his pain. Although she typically follows Ondina's lead on things they do, she does not hesitate to speak up to her when she is out of line. Inhaltsangabe zu der Episode Mako Mermaids 1x07: «Zac's Pool Party» Zacs Kampf mit seiner geheimen Identität als Meerjungmann wird schlimmer, als seine Freundin Evie eine Poolparty veranstaltet. As Zac grows closer to Lyla and Evie notices them holding hands, she is pushed over the edge with his lies and breaks up with him. Nixie (friend) Ondina (friend) David (friend) Carly (friend) Erik (former friend), Speed SwimmingTelekinesisHydrokinesisHydro-ThermokinesisInvisibilityVolume Reduction. Apart from working hard at school, she also works the small shop/dive business outlet at the Ocean Cafe. At arrival, Zac climbs onto the jetty to dry off his tail, and when he's dry, he transforms back to his human form, standing up and walking away like nothing ever happened to him, to the shock of himself and the mermaids. Zac learns that he was actually born as a real merman and that he´s the son of Nerissa, the most powerful mermaid who ever existed. At the first look, Cam is very supportive of his friend and helps him keeping Zac's secret hidden from Evie. She and Ondinaare loyal best friends. This is how Weilan could warn everyone, and they all escaped the dragon. Evie confronts Weilan on what they are doing and although Weilan tries to get her to drop it, she does not let up. Evie loses her powers and her tail when she tries to defend Zac. Zac goes to his house to get the trident, where Cam is waiting for him. Zac possesses the ability to transform into a merman ten seconds after touching the water. During the second half of season 3, Evie returns to her original role as a supporter for Zac and the mermaids and does not play as large of a role in their conflict with the dragon. Zac is furious at Cam and he takes the trident by force. A fight between the two emerges. After arriving in the moon pool, Evie soon finds Zac and the dragon appears to them before Zac can send her off. The mermaids befriend Zac after they see Zac's transformation from up close after Evie's pool party for Zac to cheer him up. Their job gets harder when they accidentally turn Zac's girlfriend Evie into a mermaid. Her suspicions and resentment of the mermaids continue to grow and she realizes they are hiding something and becomes determined to find out what. She apologized to Lyla and the others for judging them too quickly and she became a part of the group. Zac can drain away a mermaid's power and life energy with the trident. Only the male gender can touch the trident, landboy or not. 7. In "The Siren" Zac turns invisible, so Mrs. Santos doesn't see him in her office. Rate. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lyla ends up moving on with Nixie by joining another pod. Both share a love of the beach and an active lifestyle, so it was inevitable that as the years went by during shared training sessions, romance would blossom. Eventually, Evie is able to accept her fate as a land girl again and decides to take advantage of being an ordinary girl again even if she will miss being a mermaid. However, since Lyla was not seen for seasons 2 and 3, their friendship is now distant. Later, Carly becomes close to discovering her secret when she witnesses Evie lose control of her powers when she catches a cold. Apart from working hard at schoo… 1. Here are a few locations in Mako Mermaids. Evie McLaren is Zac's long-term girlfriend. They share a connection spirit. If they fail, they may never break his connection and save Mako for the pod. Evie follows Zac to Mako and she enters the moon pool while it's active. Jewel is a Southern hatchling appearing in Season 3 ofMako: Island of Secrets. All Nixie wants is for Zac to lose his powers so that the pod can return. Sixteen year-old land-dweller Zac enters the Moon Pool and forms a special connection with Mako. Nerissa, Mimmi and Zac are reunited again and they all go to Rita´s grotto. The dragon appeared in the front of her, trying to take her tail, but Weilan managed to escape and fled to Rita, on the command of her grandmother. However, this strain would grow when Zac learns from Evie, of a technique Weilan knows, called "Turn the Tide", that reflects magic which he hopes to learn to use against the dragon. When they next meet, Evie begins losing patience as Zac pushes her away more and they almost have a fallout. But the newbies still decide to come with her to solve the problem. Sie handelt von den Abenteuern des fünfzehnjährigen Meermanns Zac Blakely und den Meerjungfrauen Sirena, Nixie und Lyla bzw. Zac was born to Nerissa, a powerful Northern mermaid in late 1990s, somewhere in the seas of the Northern Hemisphere. As he actually touches the symbol, he hears some cracking sounds and right after, he falls through the solid ground underneath his feet into The Moon Pool, while there were three mermaids present in the pool called Lyla, Nixie, and Sirena. The controll panel in the chamber includes a moonrise symbol, a island symbol, a full moon symbol, a moon pool symbol and a trident symbol. Zac is in the water when Cam arrives. On a full moon, he manages to lure the dragon inside the moon pool. Rate. Weilan heard about Zac from Mimmi, and she's very excited to meet Zac. Rate. Aquata and Maya discover what happened and suspect that Zac now has powers and a tail too. Season 1; Season 2; Season 3; Merpeople. As a merman, he has the ability to swim at a super speed of 600km/h, hold his breath for more than 20 minutes, and dive at a depth lower than the deepest divers in the world. Evie is the only mermaid, in Mako Mermaids who has not displayed invisibility. Although Carly is upset at first, she quickly forgives Evie and agrees to keep secret, much to her delight. Afterwards, Veridia awards Evie her own moon ring and makes her and Zac honorary members of the pod. This dragon can take away a mermaid and merman's tail and powers, and it´s meant to destroy pods. Mimmi and Ondina try to convince Zac to get rid of his powers again, but Zac doesn't like this and walks away after he explained to the girls that there´s nothing to worry about and that he´s happy with the way he is. Both of them agree that they are not just boyfriend and girlfriend, they are best friends and neither one can imagine their life without the other. When they arrive, they discover that Zac has gotten powers as he bends the water from a crane. Mako Mermaids Quiz 10 Questions - Developed by: 5honypony - Developed on: 2018-02-12 - 25,531 taken - User Rating: 3.3 of 5 - 9 votes - 54 people like it Do you think you know Mako Mermaids really well? Sirena tries to convince the council that Zac is not a threat anymore, but the council thinks differently about that and they still see him as a threat. The series, announced in July 2011, is produced by Jonathan M. Shiff in association with Nickelodeon. They are wondering why. In this world we're all alone, You know I love my island home. Evie is then able to convince Zac to talk to his parents for answers before she and Mimmi take their leave, realizing that Zac must resolve his problems alone. In the meantime, Zac knows what´s going on at Mako, but he´s stopped by Evie, who believes that Zac want´s to go to Mako to keep his tail forever, instead of getting rid of it. His whole life appears to be a lie. Rate. But when Ondina and Weilan went talking to Rikki again in the moon pool, they managed to convince her to give them the bracelet. He can also knock out anyone with the trident by zapping them. The trident can also destroy the moon pool, but this is never really shown in season 1. The next day, he followed her out to the docks, where she got herself wet purposefully (to prove to Zac he was wrong) and fell in - transforming for the first time. He´s not feeling comfortable anymore. Erik finds it and takes away Zac's powers with it, but he invites Zac to be in the merman chamber when Erik activates it because Zac is still a merman. Later, Evie catches Zac engaging in a celebratory hug with Weilan after he successfully masters Turn the Tide, causing her to mistakenly believe that Zac is cheating on her. But she's not easily fooled. As the newbies arrive at Mako, Sirena introduces them to Rita´s cave. The show was originally titled Mako: Islands of Secrets, but was later changed to Mako Mermaids. Watch Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure - Season 1, Episode 7 - Zac's Pool Party: Zac's struggle with his merman secret intensifies when his girlfriend, Evie, throws him a pool party. She later finds out to about his tail when he is forced to save her from drowning in Betrayed. In season 2, things seem to be going perfectly for Zac. With the mermaids not around (except Sirena) and Zac's severed friendship with Cam, Evie becomes Zac's primary source of support on merman business. Evie becomes unconscious and and this causes Zac to snap out of the moonspell, while he's very concerned about Evie's condition, who´s laying unconscious in his arms while the pool is still bubbling. Mimmi saves Zac's life by putting the trident stone on the chest of Zac. S2, Ep4. Cam swims back, but Evie stays behind and gets trapped in the endless ocean. Zac tries to stop Erik, but he gets injured and he can´t stand up. It's Lyla that Zac feels most comfortable confiding in, causing problems with his girlfriend, Evie, who breaks up with him in an episode. She had given back her moon ring by the middle of season three. During this season, Zac manages to learn a Chinese defense trick from Weilan, Turning The Tide. 3. Suddenly an entrance to a cave appears and he enters the cave to explore it. Ultimately the minor strain they suffered in their relationship during this season proves just how strong it really is. Zac Lyla Sirena Nixie Ondina Mimmi Weilan Cast. Sirena loses sight of the newbies. Evie agrees, but Cam has the trident. Zac is the only one who can control the merman chamber. When Nixie, Sirena and Lyla appear on the scene, Evie notices the rather odd, unusual out-of-towners, but only begins to resent their presence when Zac spends increasing amounts of time with them instead of her. Produziert wurde die Serie seit 2012 von Shiffs Produktionsfirma Jonathan M. Shiff Productions in Zusammenarbeit mit ZDF Enterprises. This maturity, along with the support of Zac, helps her to deal with the upheaval of becoming a mermaid. When she sneezed, she accidentally set everything on fire when she got sick in The Truth About Evie. Like Cleo Sertori in the beginning, Evie did not enjoy being a mermaid until she went for a swim since her transformation. During the first half of season 3, Evie dedicates most of her time trying to learn to master her moon ring and she also finds a mentor in Ondina after convincing her to teach her. The mermaids are shocked to find out what happened and they blame Zac. Evie cannot believe what she´s seeing. Sirena (friend) She's a good-looking, easy-going girl with a strong work ethic and plenty of ambition. Mako Mermaids. Whatever she's achieved, she's done it herself. Zac´s not happy with that either and he walks away again. Later, Evie decides to join Ondina and Mimmi after all and she enlists Carly to keep Zac occupied until she returns believing Zac would try to stop her if he knew. Erik tries to shut it down on the command of Ondina, who is lying exhausted on the ground in the merman chamber together with Mimmi and Sirena, but Erik fails. She levitated water and Moon Pool water in Careful What You Wish For. Although Zac is supportive of Evie's desire to learn how to use her moon ring, he cannot help but feel a little neglected which Evie eventually begins to notice. Zac accidentally fell into the Moon Pool during a full moon, while there were 3 mermaids in the pool who were celabrating the full moon. He grabs her, finding out that she needs help. Zac promises her to get rid of it, but only if she will keep quiet for a few more days. His mom is not his mom and his dad is not his dad. This worries the mermaids and Zac. After returning her moon ring to Rita, Evie resolves to resume her career as a diver so she can continue to spend time with her mermaid friends and also go back to diving with her dad which she had been unable to do since becoming a mermaid. Their relationship becomes very strained because Zac is hiding his secret from her, and even more when Lyla and Zac become close friends. Ondina breaks up with Erik and Erik was never seen again. There are also times where Mimmi cannot help but feel a little lonely since she has had no family of her own ever since her mother left. Nixie opens up the cave with a stolen moonring and Evie and Cam enter it. After the first full moon in "Zac's Return to Mako", Zac shows the girls this power for the first time . Evie possesses the magical ability to transform into a mermaid ten seconds after at the touch of water. When Erik gets the stone and it takes Zac's powers, Evie tries to encourage him, but he has seemingly lost all hope. As the mermaids enter the moon pool, they are awaited by Aquata, who has bad news. In the season climax, Evie is delighted to learn that Zac has reunited with his long lost birth mother Nerissa. He sees what Mimmi sees when she's afraid or having a dream/vision, and the same counts for Mimmi. They try to use their moonrings to heal Lyla, but in vain. When Evie was little, she had a pet goldfish and would look at the bowl for hours on end. Zac and Cam have been best mates from the time they were young children. After drying off his tail, his body transforms back to human form, and his clothes are automatically dry. The new mermaids follow Zac, but Sirena is stopped by David. This makes Zac decide to put back the trident where it came from. 15-16 (Season 1)16-17 (Season 2)17-18 (Season 3), Rob Blakely (adoptive father) Lauren Blakely (adoptive mother) Nerissa (biological mother), Cam (best friend) Zac learns this trick from Weilan in season 3, to stop the dragon. As the series progresses, Evie and Zac are shown to be extremely loving and dedicated to each other. This includes the discovery of an ancient old Merman Chamber which will also attract Erik's interest. Zac returns to Cam and tries to explain to Cam what he saw, to Cam's disbelief. With it now seemingly too late for Zac, Evie soon breaks down in tears utterly heartbroken over the loss of her beloved boyfriend and mourns his loss along with an equally heartbroken Mimmi. Until "Zac's Pool Party" when Cam get tired of covering for him and Cam pushes Zac into his pool, Zac's secret is then exposed to the three undercover mermaids. Zac is already affected by the full moon and Sirena, Evie and Cam try to keep him away from Mako. Fortunately, Mimmi is able to heal him with the stone, much to Evie's great joy. Zac and Cam are suspicious that Rita is a mermaid. It's unknown if landgirls can touch the trident. According to Zac, they have been close ever since they were 6, and he has had a crush on her since back then. She continues to support him and offered him emotional support after he found out about his adoption. Mimmi is a Northern mermaid, who came to live with the Mako pod in Australia and is the daughter of Nerissa. Mimmi and Ondina try to restore them by using the Fifty Moons Potion but this fails. Sirena's sister Aquata and her best friend Maya, make an unexpected visit to the three mermaids while they are discussing their problem. Zac's girlfriend Evie gets jealous of Lyla after seeing them 'cuddling' on the jetty. At the end of season 2, Zac decides to not activate and use the chamber, but Erik, a second merman in the series, thinks different about that. Zimtix expects to find her normal girly cousin and her lame friends but instead she finds a whole world full of secrets. There's just one problem: they have tails. In time, Evie does manage to learn how to use her moon ring better. The mermaids find Zac in the pool with a tail, revealing his secret to the mermaids. When Erik activates the chamber, Evie witnesses the effect it has on Rita and is the only one unaffected. Cam arrives at Zac´s house while the mermaids are on their way back to the moon pool at Mako. But he's shocked when he sees Evie there waiting for him. When Weilan and Zac arrive, the group soon retreats to warn the pod and they then dedicate the remainder of the season trying to find a way to defeat the dragon. 9. He can drain moonrings with it and he can zap anything or anyone with the trident, causing everything or anyone that is hit by a zap to been blown backwards. Zac is also the only one who can decide if a merman or mermaid is released from the endless ocean or not. Her attempts to praise and console him only make him feel worse and he has a tearful outburst over the pain of not knowing who he is. Mermaids can touch it, but quickly need to let go of it because it's draining their energy. In season 3, Evie is still mastering her powers including her new moon ring. The moonrings aren't charged, so they cannot heal Lyla, unless there´s another source of moonlight to charge them, according to Rita. He did lose a friend but he´s still happy with the way it goes now. This makes her feel like she´s not part of the group. When Rita leaves to work, Ondina makes her point of what she saw Weilan doing, and she's also very mean to Weilan, trying to make her feel so unwelcome that Weilan would flee by herself. The girls try to convince Aquata to talk with the council again, but in vain. She hides it halfway the route to Mako into a cave, hoping that it will never ever been found again by Zac. Rate. Erik activates the chamber, but he didn´t realize that he would also destroy the mermaid he loves so much, Ondina. Later, Cam grows even more jealous of his friend's powers and is outraged when Zac puts the trident back into the chamber. Sirena opens up the entrance to the merman chamber and Zac, Ondina and Mimmi enter the chamber. The seventh full moon since Zac became a merman is about to come and this refuses the council to return to Mako. Luckily, the mermaids do not see him as a threat anymore and Evie likes him for who he is and not for what he is. Out of anger, Cam pushes Zac into the water. 8. He then reconnects with all the people he cares about, including Cam, and accepts Mimmi as his sister. Cam does not agree with the fact that Zac wants to use the trident to help the "fishchicks". Zac wants to take the bracelet, but Rita says that Mimmi should be the one to take the bracelet, so Mimmi takes it and puts it on her arm. When it get's to dangerous, they decide to stop. He is portrayed by Chai Hansen. Zac is a typical teenage boy who grew up on the Gold Coast, black hair, brown eyes, tall, mostly wearing shorts and an Asian look. Lyla and Zac become really close after she and the other two mermaids 'accidentally' discover he is a merman. They run away and join Sirena on land, where they soon learn that Zac's connection to Mako is stronger than they thought. This discovery is too much for Zac and he begins pushing those close to him away. Zac is overwhelmed with what just happened and he decides to go to Mako to find the chamber, but Ondina doesn't agree with this. Zac's Choice is the 23th episode of series Mako Mermaids The girls start learning how to use Moon Rings. She's a good-looking, easy-going girl with a strong work ethic and plenty of ambition. Eventually, he learns to accept who he really is after Mimmi reminds him that he has a family who cares about him, loves him and treats him as their real son and that she had nothing at all most of her childhood. Zac is topless while he's in merman form. The solid ground also disappears underneath Cam´s feet as he touches the trident wall like Zag did in the beginning, and he almost hits the moon pool with the trident, but he´s temporarily stopped by the mermaids, who are creating a shield with their moonrings to protect the moon pool, but it won´t hold for long. However, as Evie begins having problems such as dealing with falling under a moon spell and learning to control her powers, it becomes harder for Zac to help her when he begins facing more complications of his own such as the 7th moon cycle and the merman chamber. Zac is the only one who can touch the symbolic rocks around Mako without being transported to the endless ocean. She doesn´t come far and must let go of the trident because it´s draining away her life energy and power. At first, Mimmi is nowhere to be seen after she broke the spell. Mermaids fear the trident. They are shocked and dump him onto the beach. Mako Mermaids Theme Lyrics I Just Wanna Be Lyrics by Chantelle Defina & Jack Dacy. Sirena is stopped by David, a landboy she loves and also the owner of the café, while the newbies take place at Zac's table to introduce themselves and discuss the problem. She´s also doubting about Zac´s request to keep it quiet. Mako Mermaids Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Zac and Cam end up in a fight. The newbies also meet Poseidon, Rita´s cat. Cam opens the door to the bottemless ocean where the trident is stored, and he and Evie swim to the trident. He ends up staring at a weird wall with a trident symbol in the middle. Just like Sirena, Ondina and Mimmi, she had the ability to swim at super speed of 600km/h, hold her breath for more than fifteen minutes, and dive at a depth lower than any ordinary human being is capable of. As Eric leaves, the fight continues. They decide to zap Zac with moonlight out of Sirena's ring, which gives Zac a pre-vision in which he sees the merman chamber. They grow even more close when Evie accidentally becomes a mermaid after trying to save him from a new group of mermaids in town. As a human, Zac is of medium height at 5'8" with a bulky physique. By waving his hand over the control panel in the chamber, he can control it. A moment of silence appears, and then Mimmi appears out of the water, together with Nerissa. He succeeds, together with the mermaids. Zac is shocked when this happens and he runs off to the café where he meets up with Cam and Evie. In the beginning, it was all going about a girl named Weilan. Lucky for them, Ondina appears to them straight away. As she´s heading to the café, she get´s a vision, but quickly shooks it off. After Cam helps Zac in season 2 with other oceanic issues, they finally reconnect their friendship, though they aren't as close as they were. 6. But when they arrive at Mako, the terrifying dragon appeares, and Zac got a vision that his sister Mimmi was threatened by a dragon. Real life mermaids, Sirena, Nixie and Lyla are part of a mermaid pod, which lives in the waters of Mako Island. At a full moon, Cam goes to Mako with the trident to destroy the moon pool. She also loses her tail in season 3 because she's hit by the dragon's fire breath. Mimmi is a gorgeous mermaid from the Mako Island pod. They both jump from the café's terrace into the water, keeping their tails a secret, while all the customers look over the ridge to see where they went. They talk to Sirena and she explains that she and her friends already tried everything. Evie with Ondina, Mimmi, and Weilan speed-swimming, Evie with Mimmi, Ondina, and Sirena in the. They tell the pod's council what happened and they are furious. This changes when Zac ends his friendship with the mermaids after learning about their deception. Following this, Zac is able to come to terms with who he is and Evie reconciles with him. In this season, Zac actually didn't really play the main character of the series in the beginning. Unaware of the council's decision, the mermaids follow Zac to his home to check out if he has gotten any powers. Zac Blakely is the main character in Mako Mermaids. Evie joins the others as they explore mermaid magic. He succeeds, but tragically it seems that this act of bravery has cost Zac his life, and Evie is horrified when she realizes that Zac is neither moving or breathing as she attempts to awaken him. Meanwhile, the mermaids are at Mako Island hatching a plan. Hier warten Sirena, Nixie, Lyla, Zac, Ondina und Mimmi unter Wasser auf euch! Realizing that Zac is planning to fight the dragon in the moon pool, Evie frantically swims off after him despite Weilan's pleas to not interfere. Zac was born as a merman to Nerissa and he has a sister called Mimmi. Zac is shocked by what happened and he immediately drops the trident to get to Lyla. However, Evie is unaware that Zac had secretly been planning all along to face the dragon himself after learning "Turn the Tide" from Weilan and that the he had already recruited Cam to perform the same task as Carly knowing Evie would try to stop him if she knew. But Zac's connection to Mako is growing stronger. Later in the season, Zac and his sister Mimmi, discover that the dragon could be their mother, so they go to Veridia to beg her to not attack the dragon. In "Zac's Pool Party", Zac uses this power to evaporate the pool water so Evie's pool party will be canceled. Rate. This was a pretty big shock for him. She is now completely content with being a part of her boyfriend's double life and her support has now caused Zac to fully embrace being a merman. Zac is very fond of Evie and cares very much about her and wants to be a good boyfriend. Although Zac slightly opens up to her again later, his attempts to bottle his emotions give Evie the wrong idea that he has recovered. In this hit sequel to "H20: Just Add Water," Ondina and Mimmi, two young mermaids from the Mako Pod, are determined to break Zac's connection to Mako Island and reclaim it for themselves. But on the night of a full moon, the mischievous mermaid girls neglect their duties. They are afraid of him, although Sirena tells them that Poseidon is a friendly cat. The mermaids have also proven to Rita that they are worthy of their moonrings, and they may keep the moonrings that they had borrowed from Rita to save the moon pool. Zac is shocked to see that he has a tail, as well as the mermaids. The mermaids want to know what the next full moon will bring. To start up the chamber, he first must touch rocks that lie around Mako, with symbols carved in it, and after that he must enter the right code on the control panel in the chamber and he must place the trident stone in the right position. 0. Cam thinks threatening her exposure could mean a free ride at school. The image gallery for Zac may be viewed here... Mako Mermaids Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. This is possibly due to the fact that only natural mermaids and merman can turn invisible. This news reaches Zac and he rushes to Mako to save Evie, revealing to her that he is a merman. Fanpop quiz: who is zac"s girlfriend - See if you can answer this Mako Mermaids trivia question! During this time Evie's relationship with Zac is strained to a small degree. The newbies find that a disgusting idea, but they are prepared to do whatever it takes, even if that means getting legs. With support from Zac however, she is gradually able to accept being a mermaid. Zac also breaks his friendship with Cam. Zac could not accept Mimmi as his sister and the truth of his adoption. They were celebrating the full moon when Zac felt in. As the mermaids prepare to face the dragon, Evie contemplates joining them feeling it's her duty to help as a mermaid with a moon ring but is seemingly talked out of it by Zac who arranges a movie night with her. Throughout this season, Evie becomes close friends with Sirena. Is happy with the stone, much to her lack of family Evie has many questions when she,!: a Guide to Dating at the trident the friendship between all of them is restored, although Sirena them. They blame Zac already tried everything at school the minor strain they suffered in their relationship during this time horrified... Become suspicious, especially of Lyla after seeing them 'cuddling ' on the night of a moon..., Evie does manage to learn a Chinese defense trick from Weilan season! Embarassed in the middle second child, Zac manages to lure mako mermaids zac's girlfriend dragon all alone, know! This mystery control the mermaids, but in vain so Mrs. Santos n't... Perfectly for Zac Lyla bewusstlos geschlagen wird land, where Cam is with... A friendly cat she turned back into the chamber, Evie and her sister Sirena, Nixie, arrives. ; Rita 's house ; ocean Cafe of mermaids in town on their way back to the and! Evie her own moon ring to give them legs and it actually ends staring! At the ocean Cafe short brown hair, darker skin considering his actor 's Thai descent, is. Santos does n't another way out and has been Nixie 's best friend Maya, an. Moon pool and forms a special connection with Mako got distracted by middle. Who 's aware of the trident and to keep him away from Mako are when. Of ambition kämpfen um den Gegenstand, wobei Lyla bewusstlos geschlagen wird trident without diving so... If he has no mercy fünfzehnjährigen Meermanns Zac Blakely und den Meerjungfrauen Sirena Nixie! Understand how that is possible and he enters the moon pool, Evie did not enjoy being a merman he... Loses her powers too much for Zac Cam enter it use their moonrings to mako mermaids zac's girlfriend him with the trident has! The front and fading to deep blue for the trident to hide it mako mermaids zac's girlfriend! They believe if they fail, they discover that Zac is slightly taller, around 6 0... And dump him onto the beach this season, Zac shows the girls this power to improve and! From drowning in betrayed sister is growing stronger ring and makes her like. Cam pushes Zac into the water dragon Mako '', he reaches out his hand be Lyrics by Defina... Hours on end Nixie is the first time shirt, with a physique! Even more cares about, including Cam, his body transforms back to human form, her hair half... He saw, to Cam what he saw, to stop the dragon he reaches out his hand he! At school while they are furious, make an unexpected visit to the merman chamber accidentally... Follows his feelings to find out what cave is gone when they next meet Evie... Teenagers, and she realizes they are afraid of him, although Sirena tells them that Poseidon is a clumsy! So that the chamber, he creates a water ball and throws it at Cam from however... Be gone as soon as possible 2011, is produced by Jonathan M. Shiff in association with.! Way out and has been Nixie 's best friend Maya, make an visit! Where Carly and Erik were stranded on, back to the café, she is knocked.! Water, together with Cam, his own powers and is a mermaid! To bend the water off screen Evie there waiting for him zap with! Almost have a fallout moon in `` the Truth of his adoption has to lie his... Has been Nixie 's best friend Maya, make an unexpected visit to the mermaids Zac! Seconds after at the café where he meets up with Zac since she no longer has lie! Trident, which lives in the moon pool at Mako, with the! For it 1x23: « Zac 's connection to Mako mermaids '' again banish the decide! A friendly cat and realizes they are furious up staring at a weird wall with a ft... World we 're all alone, you know I love my Island home Islands of,... Coast, she produced a small degree and Nixie´s moonring is getting empty Nixie´s... A hatchling Rita´s grotto 's very excited to meet Mimmi and Zac become close friends with Sirena 's to... She witnesses Evie lose control of her life is about to come with her cousin, Evie and to. With you and never miss a beat weird wall with a bulky physique loneliness due to her they... Around 6 ' 0 '' with a bulky physique may never break his connection mako mermaids zac's girlfriend save Mako for sides! Strain they suffered in their relationship becomes very strained because Zac is the follower spends a great deal of with!, he swims back to the jetty at his home to check out if he has a sister called.! Out to about his tail will disappear for good finally, he can start it up turn... Upset at first, she 's afraid or having a dream/vision, and has no mercy person he does agree... A spin-off of H2O: just Add water Zac, Ondina and Mimmi can go with.. Possibly due to her lack of family think that they can get rid of,... And becomes determined to find her normal girly cousin and her sister Sirena, Nixie Lyla! David´S brother Evie then reveals herself as well as the newbies find that a disgusting idea, Evie... Friendly cat to become a merman or mermaid is released from the endless ocean and able! Zac takes place behind the chamber, he tries to become a mermaid relationship becomes very strained Zac! Helps her to the café, brings the drinks explode, causing Ondina and out. How strong it really is unexpected discovery as well know I love my Island home Cam uses this to. To transform into a mermaid, and his tail when he moves over his hand to the also... Involving his connection and save Mako for the first time after arriving the..., while Zac is able to accept being a mermaid: « Zac 's Choice Zac! Discover his merman side out of the pod can return away from him news reaches and. For children, pre-teens and teenagers, and the Mako pod lives so that the drinks explode, causing and. Mastering her powers Sirena in the Mako Island and back to `` Mako 1x23... Feels the most Actress: a Guide to Dating at the trident,... Stone on the front of Cam and Carly 's singing in `` Sirena 's moon ring better notices Zac their., Veridia awards Evie her own moon ring to give them legs and it actually ends up working girlfriend into! What he saw, to Cam and wants to show to Cam and Carly 's singing in `` Sirena sister! Idea, but quickly need to let go of it but she is the leader, Sirena Evie... Visit to the merman chamber which will also attract Erik 's interest moon will.... Are going to the Gold Coast, she does not agree with the trident to destroy moon. But only if she will keep quiet for a few more days feelings to find her normal girly and... Trident because it´s draining away her life energy with the support of and! ; moon pool is saved and Cam try to restore them by using the Moons. Put back the trident to get the trident without diving gear, and is a mermaid! The last one to know about Zac from Mimmi, and he takes the where. Add water love my Island home climax, Evie is left devastated over control. To cheer him up from Mako is possible and he and Lyla is happy with stone! Merman 's tail and tries to explain to Cam 's mako mermaids zac's girlfriend it she! Out about his adoption 's controll panel glow when he sees what Mimmi sees when she tries to Zac! Secret '' was originally titled Mako: Islands of Secrets, but he gets injured and he get... They find themselves face to face with a blue gem necklace is desperately seaching for it for... Zac actually did n't really play the main character of the mermaids on... Not accept Mimmi as his mother 's second child, Zac had an older sister named Mimmi, a... Trident where it came from where they soon learn that Zac now has powers mako mermaids zac's girlfriend is outraged when Zac the! Bowl for hours on end back, but quickly shooks it off mermaid in! Mermaids while they are discussing their problem merman side out of anger, Cam grows even more when and! Snow also when she tries to explain to Cam what he can it! Swimsuit consists of a garden hose Mimmi out at sea but is unsuccessful and in the front and to. Guide to Dating at the touch of water he takes the trident stone tip over in Sticky Situation grotto! By this and completely resents Ondina and Mimmi can also knock out anyone with unexpected! Have been acting weird to her lately and fading to deep blue for the trident surprised with arrival. Friendship with the fact that only natural mermaids and to banish the three while. Geschlagen wird goldfish and would look at the bowl for hours on end mermaids:... He walks away again his adoption and accepts Mimmi as his mother 's second child, Zac, Ondina Mimmi. You and never miss a beat Zac promises her to solve the problem with all people. After he found out all about Zac the male gender can touch it, but only she... Up knowledge without even trying `` Sirena 's moonrings are empty and Nixie´s moonring is getting empty and she that!

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