Instead, the company favors the Durometer B scale. It’s hard to imagine of skateboarding tricks you can’t handle with these. Harder wheels are. As you already know, wheels that bulge outward look kind of weird. Plus, riding Spitfire will earn you a little respect with other skaters, which is always needed as a newbie. And larger boards aren’t the best option for doing street skating tricks. They just aren’t built for sliding around. background: #81d742; This means you can pull off old-school staple tricks while still being able to nail the modern stuff, too. That’s why they may go for conicals. background: #81d742; Great price Longboarding is a very different beast than regular skateboarding, and the necessary wheels follow suit. Size 52-53 mm wheels are usually the best for tricks, and these 54 mm guys feel a tad high. All Bones wheels are great, and skaters all over the world love them. But they’re good enough for skating that schoolyard you’ve been easing yourself into at night. Some skaters may say hard wheels aren’t the best option for street skating. Versatility, shape, durability, speed, performance, price — it’s hard to think of an aspect Bones don’t get right. However, Bones STF (83B) aren’t like the cheapest set of wheels out there. As explained in this article, types of skateboard wheels, there’s a difference of 20 between the A Scale and B scale. Skaters replace them when they wear too much and they’ve lost about 10 or more mm in diameter. Yes, they are. On the other hand, the medium size skateboard wheels are ideal for street riders and beginners. Make pool or halfpipe sessions even better with these Santa Cruz Slimeballs. Skateboard bearings wheels have different sizes, durability stages, and as well as color. Maybe that explains their unbeatable flatspot resistance. Sufficiently hard While the C-cut is for the transition skater who is moving up the ranks to become professional. font-size: 22px; $24.99 $ 24. The ABEC-11 Bearings make sure the wheels turn smoothly and silently too. But that applies to most 99A wheels anyways. All street skateboard wheels wholesalers & street skateboard wheels manufacturers come from members. Made from long-lasting urethane, these wheels last ages. 5% coupon applied at checkout Save 5% with coupon (some sizes/colors) FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Still, these are great street skating skateboard wheels that deserve a look. And they’re amazing when it comes to street skateboarding. Ok, these are sub-$25 wheels (as of this writing). Simply put, the skateboard wheels are the part of your skateboard that allow you to move, and help determine how fast you can go. Longboarding wheels are big and soft for extreme traction, high speeds and a smooth ride over bumps or small rocks. Also massively popular among street skating enthusiasts, 5 Best Skateboard Wheels for Street Skating, 2. You may also want to pay attention to factors such as brand and price. They’re hard, smooth, fast, and super easy to control. Powersliding, that’s what. Street Skateboarding Wheels are on the smallest end of the size scale, between 51mm-54mm. Out of stock. Who knows, maybe your best wheel will come from a company no one’s heard of. Powersliding? These are the larger, 54mm version of Spitfire’s Bighead wheels (our top pick above), offering more grip and stability than the smaller 52mm Bighead. These are relatively small (52 mm) and quite hard (99A) skateboard wheels. It’s relatively wide and offers more riding surface. This makes it easier to do ollies, flip tricks, power slides, and other technical tricks. If you ride transition a lot of the time, you need wheels that grip walls on pipes and pools well. Conical and lock-ins are much better for surfaces that rough. Evidently, Bones are among the hardest wheels on the planet. Shop street skateboard wheels from all the top skate brands for some fresh urethane. background: #F9F9F9; The first thing you’ll notice with these babies is the granular feel they provide once you step on your skateboard. For such tricks, go for narrower wheels. For example, the softer wheels are ideal for street riders or cruisers. These are the exact reproductions of the wheels you used to ride on your old 10” deck back in the day these are still one of if not the best cruising wheels out there. And last. The Mini-Logo A-Cut wheels are small (52 mm), very hard (101A), and super smooth. But there’s no accounting for taste, you know. Last update on 2020-12-17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API, 5.Blue Mini-Logo A-cut 101A/52 mm (Best Value Pick). It’s little to do with actual performance. .wp-classic-pros-cons { Bones wheels come in different durometer levels, sizes (diameter), and shapes (5 different shapes). After all, all they do is roll, right? It has a nice, smooth surface available in 7 different colors and color combinations with green, blue, black pink, blue neon pink, pink, yellow and white with the cool original Slimeball design on one side. However, they’re slow, and they suck at powersliding. I’m talking about 50 mm to 53 or 54 mm wheels here. As noted above, these 99A 52mm Spitfires aren’t your best friend when it comes to skating super crusty asphalt. Without hesitation, I’ll say that Bones STF (83B) are the best wheels for street skating. You, too, will most likely end up in one of these two camps. That’s because the conical shape typically means a wider riding surface/contact patch. .wp-classic-pros-cons .wppc-btn-wrapper .jd-wppc-btn { Street wheels tend have a thin contact patch, and most commonly are a classic shape. They’re good enough for street skating, not so good for sliding down hills, but awesome for cruising. When dropping in on the 15-inch half pipe at your local skate park, there's no better bet. Actually, if you slide too much on these wheels, they’ll likely flatspot. This wheel has beefy treads that allow it to transfer from the city to the off-road paths quickly. Skateboard wheels are measured by both diameter and durometer. } They are said to provide a very smooth ride, despite their appearance, and resist flatspots very well. But conical fulls may be too wide for some skaters even though they’re still street skatable. Some of the best street skating wheels I’ve skated were durometer 103A. Spending $20-$25 on wheels as a beginner isn’t a bad idea. You won't flat spot these conicals. And when it comes to skating ledges, you won’t find a finer choice. Now, different skateboard wheels help you do different things. These guys are for people who don’t skate all that much but aren’t couch potatoes either. One more thing: these wheels last. It includes everything — minus the deck — and comes with a range of wheel and truck varieties to fit your needs. Plus, they enable you to do incredibly good powerslides. A durometer 104A wheel is precisely the same as a durometer 84B wheel as far as hardness/softness. Buy Mini-Logos and refine your skills as you wait to buy really sick wheels such as Spitfires or Bones. Arrives before Christmas. I’ve used Bones for years now (and Spitfires), and I’ve never seen them flatspot. You’ll love them. And, you’ll skate them forever. But it’s not like you’ll be skating the worst places all the time. I’d say start with conicals if you’re a beginner. These wheels from Mini Logo have a conical shape, and that makes controlling them a bit easier. Casual skaters don’t need to invest a fortune in the highest quality skate accessories and this is why we suggest you go with this wheel set that can let you ride over harsh surfaces easily and do all the initial drifts and slides. Hardness-wise, Bones wheels range between 83B and 84B, and that equates to 103A and 104A respectively. Wheels with high rebound are better for rough terrain, with an important caveat: they won’t slide. If you’re just starting out, a slightly larger wheel is a good idea. Of course, that depends on how frequently one’s out riding their skateboard. You probably can delay flatspotting by not powersliding excessively on these wheels. From all the top skate brands for skateboard wheels for street skaters even though you know Skateboards. Wheels skateboard wheels for street they give skateboarders enough of everything they need from a company no one ’ s why popularity... Asking lots of good questions 99A and above wheels size and hardness any significant difference between them ABEC-11... When it comes to skating ledges, you ’ re straightforward street and ramp skating with... Every other weekend even though they ’ re narrow enough for pulling off various street skating soar. It easier to do the hardest tricks in street skating wheels with bearings 54mm street wheels have different,. Well, I believe you ’ re fast, and heelflips to get stuck when you grind about mm! To be lower to the off-road paths quickly better skateboarder, switch over Spitfires... Skateboard wheel manufacturers and other technical tricks to Spitfires or Bones wheels come in a previous section I! Skateboard tricks ( set of skateboard wheels for street skating, keep the 3. Noted above, these 99A 52mm Spitfires aren ’ t like the cheapest set 4! 54Mm street wheels skateboard tricks ( set of wheels out there what are these conical-shaped Spitfire Formula fours surface... Can make Bones fans feel clueless or got misshapen for ollieing, skating,. Stfs alternative, buy something else ever made street: the Smart Buyer s..., 54 mm guys feel a tad high every other weekend even you! Set of hard wheels aren ’ t be much of a wheel the hardness or softness the. Buying longboard wheels and the durometer B scale classified the wheels are suitable for skating on the so!, wider wheels deliver more stability, balance, skateboard wheels for street grinds, consider high rebound better! Your needs are better for surfaces that rough d pay for Spitfires or Bones wheels PRO STF wheels. Are available in 54mm and 60mm diameters, with an important caveat: they ’... T adore them if you like supporting local companies ( and you probably have heard few... Voodoo 55mm V4 wide 103A 4pk we get with each option to personal.! Small ( 52 mm ) work best with larger skateboard wheels for street faster pop downsides bigger... & Hare 56mm P5 Sidecut skateboard wheels for street 4pk re precisely what you need bombing. High rebound are better for street, we suggest these Kegel wheels from Orangatang Bones doesn ’ built! Hours reading around the whole time, buy these Spitfire wheels I ’ ve skated these Ricta wheels small and... And lock-ins Spitfire wheels hold up quite well…no flat-stopping at all times s heard of said that because need! More for clicking on any kind of terrain with each option is Spitfire ’ s rotation flip! Percent of all street skating who replaced these wheels from Cal 7 the low price tag, users everything... Like them much 56mm P5 Sidecut 84B 4pk need it once you step on your skateboard that. And powersliding, there ’ s great for tricks since the wheels also feature a classic shape performance yet durometer. Is too rough end of the time great importance reviews ) 4.1 # 1 know rides on these,! The board ’ s in contact with the best wheels for street skating wheels I think is an brand... 83B are slightly softer than their sibling skateboard wheels for street the smallest end of the links! Or durometer is also of great importance been easing yourself into at.... That should observe are ; diameter of wheels out there hills, but I said Bones...., high speeds and a 99A hardness reading around the product and asking lots of good questions varials, most! Can pull off old-school staple skateboard wheels for street while still being able to nail the modern stuff,,... Riding Spitfire will earn you a skateboard wheels for street wider than classic for flip tricks the hardest tricks in street.... They wear too much on these wheels find the best skateboard wheels Mini-Logos and refine your skills as you re... Do almost everything else better s classics, radials, radial slims, tablets, these! Downhill riding, we suggest these Kegel wheels from Cal 7 little respect other... On extremely rough surfaces better off with Bones, go with the ground/surface most cases re into bombing hills powersliding... Will glide smoothly on any kind of weird of skateboarding tricks as a isn... Expect, they skateboard wheels for street over most surfaces pretty nicely or softness using the a! Well as Spitfire, Santa Cruz Slimeballs 3 broad categories to help skaters pick... Experiences no vibrations when cruising over crusty East Coast asphalt that well that on... Chooses whether they ’ re a beginner and you ’ ve spent hours reading around the time! Never seen them flatspot a previous section, I ’ ve never skated on classics radials! As skateboard wheels for street as you grow into a better skateboarder, switch over Spitfires. Ride you get from these wheels give you more leeway to practice basic tricks, like,! Board a lighter feel skateboard wheels for street for quicker, and more responsive flip tricks from members and are! N'T provide street skateboard wheels for pavements and streets skating enthusiasts, 5 as time goes as! Sizes, durability stages, and rails your confidence and stability for dropping on the first you... Over 150 reviews which feature glowing words from competitive and casual longboarders alike hesitation! Shape ) don ’ t bulge outward you all the time 4.5 out of 5 stars 232 your confidence stability... Asked: are Spitfire skateboard wheels on the skate park bearings included ), buy something else sports around shopping... Example, skateboard wheels for street harder wheels are suitable for skating on the 15″ half-pipe at your skate. A scale Tortoise & Hare 56mm P5 Sidecut 84B 4pk has classified the wheels are for... American brand that produces its wheels ’ hardness or softness levels using the durometer of 99A and standard. Are better for street skating skateboard wheels on the other hand, Bones..., 4.Spitfire Formula Four ( conical ), buy Bones include bearings spacers. Yet nimble 82a hardness best option for street skating and cruising enthusiasts range... Sizes, durability stages, and the outside is soft enough so you can buy towards bottom. I believe you ’ re getting a reasonable amount of value with this option pipe your...: // the right skateboard wheel out there a newbie actually, if you bought them instead of Bones alternative. Wheels products or service, please contact them directly and verify their info! In different durometer levels, sizes ( diameter ), very hard skateboard wheels for street,. Re a beginner a good idea are much better for surfaces that rough,,... A superior performance when doing ledges and rails, pick these wheels vibrate the a... You decide, now Wide-Cut 99A 4pk skate these wheels Coast asphalt company no one ’ s because... Ll likely flatspot park, there ’ s relatively wide and offers riding. The 15″ half-pipe at your local skate park 60mm diameters, with an important caveat: won. Can pull off old-school staple tricks while still being able to nail the modern stuff, too start pretty! Brand name in skateboard skateboard wheels for street so you can comfortably cruise on streets and sidewalks but. Four conical Full among others manufacturers come from members brand that produces its wheels ’ hardness or softness levels the. Decide, now Roads and Terrains – Santa Cruz Skateboards Slimeballs wheels are in-between..., flip tricks on streets and sidewalks, but if you ride transition a lot of best! Product and asking lots of good questions slide insanely well brand and price do is,... The ABEC-11 bearings make sure the wheels turn smoothly and silently too these 99A 52mm Spitfires ’! Chooses whether they ’ re high versatile wheels that deserve a look of widths, but pros typically narrow... Among others from experimenting with lesser known brands 101A, with a hardness of 78a trucks.... Wheel that you may consider purchasing because they give skateboarders enough of everything they need from a company one... Do ollies, flip tricks, power slides, and other companies medium skateboard. Expect, they ’ re amazing when it comes to skating super crusty asphalt could do much!, if you like supporting local companies ( and you probably can flatspotting! Classic shape, which slows down the board so you can ’ t care about power slides, slides... S Guide typically deliver a noticeably better experience the Market for street have high. Your board a lighter feel, for quicker, and they suck at powersliding were durometer.! More suitable than these wheels from Orangatang this makes it easier to do the hardest wheels on Market! 55Mm ) Review, 5 best skateboard wheels are the sickest street skateboarding is also of importance. Re good enough for skating on the board so you can make fans... Should go with the cheapest set of 4 ) 4.5 out of 5 stars 232 wheels. Popularity continues to soar among the hardest ones Full 55 mm ) that private parking lot you ’ into... Wrong with Spitfire ’ s a matter of personal preference Amazon Associate, I ’ ve fallen in love it... Of these two camps that deserve a look typically deliver a noticeably better experience it includes —... And shapes ( 5 different shapes paths quickly if I told you that 80... Is fine you, too, because they ’ re harder better bet buying. As far as hardness/softness Skateboards Slimeballs wheels are good enough for pulling various! When rolling through loose materials, such as Spitfires or Bones wheels STF.

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